Scarred Grace is a four-member union built on friendship, sisterhood, and an accumulated wonder of both life and death. Their music is formed by accidents, winterdays, and a healthy hearth-fire; without confessing to predefined guidelines, without fearing or acknowledging established musical ideas. You could honestly call them ignorant, but they aim to sculpture the mystery of life in marble-like music, with a keen ear for bleeding, meaningful harmonies.

In other words, Scarred Grace is a project by four crazy friends, coming together every year during the christmas holidays to create music of all sorts. Everything is permitted; we do not shy away from madness.

This results in one small album every year, recorded in a messy livingroom with chickens in the backyard and preferably a lot of snow. We've recorded layer over layer and we use multiple instruments per person, lots of effects, socks, suitcases, and other unconventional materials.


One minor detail; we are not able to perform this as this is a recording project, but we very much welcome you to listen to our music on youtube.